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 Post subject: Siege of Ogrimmar Heroic 10 Video Guides [5-8]
PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:00 pm 

Notes: Essentially the same encounter with a few changes: Shamans heal much more and do more damage., bonecrushers damage NPC heroes faster, NPC demolition engineers opening towers will be periodically attacked by adds, flames of galakrond are much faster.

    -2 tanks, 2 heals.
    -Shamans get priority and need interrupted/stun locked, then kill bonecrushers (hero at the group with multiple shamans before Galakras is brought down).
    -Assign 2 dps to protect demolition engineers.
    -Instead of a single stack for Galakras targeting of his fire orbs, form 2 lines to avoid too many stacks. (Watch for RNG attacking a side too often)

Patch Changes: TBD

Iron Juggernaut:

Notes: Crawler mines do 100k more damage. Bone drill can kill with two ticks. Shockwave does 80% health damage. New abilities: ricochet. Mortar Barrage (multiple Mortar Cannons at once).

    -2 tanks, 3 healers.
    -During Siege Mode, gather in a location (but spread out) 40-60 yards away to avoid Motar Barrage. (tightens enrage timer)
    -Avoid Rocochet (sawblade thrown in random direction and eventually returns to Juggernaut)
    -Turn and run away from Bone Drill opposed to strafing.

Patch Changes: Mortar Barrage removed?

Kor'kron Dark Shaman:

Notes: New abilities: Iron Tomb,

    -3 tanks, 3 healers, difficulty increases with more melee vs ranged.
    -2 tanks with 2 healers with Haromm. Everyone else with Kardriss.
    -Must use a personal damage mitigating CD when you are targeted with Iron Tomb as it does 100% damage to health without it. Healers target affected ASAP as an AOE tick will quickly kill a player.

Patch Changes:

General Nazgrim:

Notes: Fat Boss claims this is the second easiest heroic (mostly the same fight). New boss ability: Execute. New add: Sentry (hunter). Assassin hits significantly harder.

    -Tanks should save highest mitigating ability for Execute (can't avoid it, 3 mil base damage)
    -Add kill priority: Shaman > Sentry > Assassin > Arc Weaver > Warrior
    -person targeted by the Sentry (hunter's mark on them) needs to run to a wall away from the raid and needs heavy healing (this keeps the raid from being multishotted in a cone like in MSV)
    -At 10% the tank with no stacks takes the boss, whille the other tank gathers the mass of adds that spawn while using chaining mitigating CDs
    -At 10 % hero and nuke boss

Patch Changes:

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